What sets Narrakine apart is how our hay and grain is produced and where these crops are grown.

Our Region

Renowned for its reliability, Narrakine is situated in the heart of the Western Australian growing region – consistently producing high-quality grain and fodder ripe for export. Here we enjoy fresh, clean air and a pollution-free environment that ensures our products remain sought-after in global markets.

Sustainable Practices

We use organic fertiliser for our hay and grain and our environmentally aware farming methods will ensure sustainable production for years to come.

Driven by Innovation

We are dedicated to continuously improving the quality, efficiency, health and hygiene standards of our products and processes.

Focused on safety

Here at Narrakine, safety is our number one concern. Following occupational health and safety laws rigorously, we have built a safe work environment for our employees, with continual research and development into new technologies and methodologies that will decrease the inherent risks associated with agriculture.

Your solution is Narrakine

Reap the benefits of 70 years+ of experience in Pure Australian Hay and Grain.